It all started with a group of runners organizing races on their own, in beautiful sites like Tam Dao, Ba Vi, Ha Long, Cat Ba, Hoi An, etc. They felt it was such a pity not to have these places as the hosts for marathon races for thousands of runners from all over the world, to share the spectacular views and memorable experience.

This group of runners, after many struggles and thoughtful consideration, has formed the core team for New Race JSC, to organize international events with the idea of introducing Vietnam’s treasures to the world through these mythical routes, as well as to create an endurance playground for the growing community which has recently been expanding exponentially in Vietnam

For an organizer, sport is an excellent opportunity to promote local image and activities to international and domestic tourists. This is also a chance to develop a new industry in the growing market in Vietnam, an exciting field for investors, vendors, and marketers.
The New Race JSC., founding team includes endurance sport enthusiasts, gathered around the motto of “bringing professional races and training environment closer to the community”. We are committed to creating international and professional events for professional athletes as well as amateur sport enthusiasts, which the community has been longing for.

Within the past 5 years, the Vietnamese sports community, especially marathon running, long distance biking, swimming, and gym has been growing tremendously. Endurance sport becomes the preferred choices for many due to its easy access to training and the huge benefits it brings.



Play a part to grow a healthy and professional platform for the community, build a company with high profile for a team working towards their dreams.


New Race JSC., strives to become the leader in South East Asia in providing solutions for designing, organizing, executing, and manning sport events meeting international professional standards, and bringing impressive experience for both the athletes and the staff.


New Race JSC., provides services to:

  • Endurance sport enthusiasts;
  • Adolescent and children enjoying physical activities, and future endurance sport athletes;
  • Coaches for endurance sports;
  • Sport businesses, sport supplies and vendors, sport applications and education.

Physical activities, especially endurance sport, not only train your body, but also teaches you to discipline your mind, set and pursue goals, and from then, change yourself and your life perspectives. During training periods, each athlete sets out their goals and devise an appropriate training plan to reach them. Groups of runners training together create a healthy community, a precedent for a disciplined society with high determination and commitment. This is the valuable benefit sport brings to each person.

Ha Long Bay Marathon


Takes place on the first Sunday of April each year to start the active tourism season in Ha Long Bay – the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The race also opens up the running season with an AAIF certified course, benefiting from the spectacular view of the whole Ha Long Bay from Bai Chay bridge and again from the beach of Tuan Chau island. This event is essential for Ha Long Bay sport tourism, and a platform for many big names in sport brands to promote their images.

Ha Giang Marathon


Celebrate the Re-unification day on April 30 every year: with the usual extended vacation weekend in Vietnam (4 days), participants can share with their families a chance to explore the border region at the elevation of 1600m in the fresh cool air of the legendary pass. This is a challenging race for any runner, and certainly not be a PR setter — but the unique surroundings and magnificent view more than make up for that! Thousands of pictures will be taken and shared widely on social network.