Tuan Chau International Tourist Area with the largest artificial yacht port system in the world has become the gateway for the tour to explore the heritage, the world wonders of Ha Long Bay and the island biosphere reserve. Cat Ba. Tuan Chau Island is well known at home and abroad and is considered as an indispensable destination of tours with such works as:

  • Dolphin Club, sea lion seal, dance music show
  • Circus
  • Crocodile club
  • The artificial beach is over 4 km long
  • Vietnamese cuisine
  • The group of villas, the hotel has 200 standard rooms
  • Water recreation areas include canoeing parachutes, high speed water slides, etc.Services to visit Halong Bay by train, by canoe.
  • Services to visit Halong Bay by helicopter
  • Water music, laser show, water film show for the first time in Vietnam.